Do you supply staff? How much food will be served? Where can we hire crockery? How many glasses do I need?  … and so much more.

For answers to many common questions, plus helpful information on planning your function or celebration, please read below, or leave a message here and we will assist you with your planning query.

How long have you been catering in Dunsborough?

Epicuriosity Catering (formerly Olsen’s Catering) has been operating in Dunsborough since 2004. We have consistently provided outstanding food and service for hundreds of weddings, and over a thousand dinner parties.

Do you supply wait staff?

Yes! Our experienced staff are a great asset to our business, providing knowledgeable and friendly service at all our events. Waitstaff are included in our quotes for a specified time. Additional hours are charged at quoted rates. Please note that Epicuriosity Catering does not supply staff for events that we are not catering for.

Do you supply bar staff?

Yes! Our experienced barstaff are all RSA approved. Barstaff can be provided for your event for a minimum of three hours. Please note that Epicuriosity Catering does not supply staff for events that we are not catering for.

Where are you based?

Epicuriosity Catering is based in Dunsborough. We have a purpose-built, licensed, commercial kitchen located at 1/18 Griffin Drive in Enterprise Park (off Commonage Rd).

What do the Epicuriosity Catering staff wear?

Our staff wear crisp stylish hospitality shirts and contrasting aprons, both embroidered with our logo. They also wear black pants or skirt, and black shoes.

How many staff will we need?

We work on approximately 1:20 waitstaff for most menu styles. This may include the supervisor, depending on event details.

Does your quote include staff?

Chefs and waitstaff are included in our quote for a set period of time depending on catering style. All our menus include information on the length of time chefs and waitstaff are included. Beyond this, additional charges accrue at the quoted rate. The included time is in no way supposed to limit your event. This is the amount of time that has been factored into your quote.

Can you assist with our hire needs?

Absolutely! We make a recommendation for tableware that will be required to serve the meal. We suggest that you incorporate the tableware needs into your broader hire requirements (table, chairs, lighting, heating and styling). This minimises delivery costs and ensures there are no double-ups. There are several excellent hire companies in the region. 

Where can we get crockery, cutlery, glassware and other hire needs from?

There are several hire companies in the Dunsborough, Margaret River, Busselton region. They all provide an excellent service and it is worth visiting their premises to view their range. Some focus on crockery, cutlery, glassware etc whilst others provide furnishings and other styling items. 

How many glasses will we need?

More than you realise! We don’t wash glassware onsite, so there needs to be sufficient glassware to allow for guests misplacing glassware, changing wines and using a fresh glass etc. Each event has different requirements, the following are typical examples: For a cocktail function with six hours bar service, including: one champagne, one red wine and one white wine, plus bottled beer and water, we recommend 2.2 wine glasses per person and 0.75 flutes per person. If there is a champagne toast following the wedding ceremony, 1.75 flutes pp For a seated function, glasses as required for table setting plus a further 25% for replacements.

What happens with all the dishes?

For larger events, our policy is to rinse plates and cutlery, and stack them back in the hire crates to be collected and washed by the hire company. Glassware is rinsed and stacked back in hire crates. This is an agreeable practice with the hire companies we deal with. For smaller events, and where facilities permit, we wash all dishes.

We want to get married on the farm - can you help?

Yes! We specialise in venue catering and will accommodate you wherever possible. We are very happy to meet with you on site to discuss the finer details and logistics to ensure your day is perfect.

Do you have a surcharge on weddings?

No. All events are treated with the same respect and attention to detail at Epicuriosity Catering, whether it be a dinner for two, or a magnificent, once in a life time celebration.

How can we be sure there will be enough food?

We guarantee it! As a catering company, we believe one of our fundamental roles is to ensure your guests are well fed. We will make recommendations to ensure that this occurs. Great food and plenty of it is our promise to you.

Can you leave food behind?

Some food is perfectly suitable to be covered and left in your fridge, and we are happy to do this with remaining cooked food.

Can we choose from different menus?

Yes. For example it is a popular option to have stand-up canapés as an entree (canapé menu), followed by a seated main course (a la carte menu), finishing with a dessert buffet (dessert buffet menu)

How much do you charge for children and service providers?

Under five years is no charge* Five to eleven years ranges from $20pp to $35pp depending on menu selection and catering style. Twelve years and above are adult prices. *assuming a reasonable number of young children. If it’s a birthday party for four year olds, there will be a charge!

Do you offer tastings?

We offer an in-house chef service at Epicuriosity Catering and recommend this as an ideal opportunity to meet with Grieg, sample our food and enjoy a great evening in. Dinner party groups of two to twenty guests individually select three courses from our a la carte dinner party menu (five entrees, five mains and five desserts). These are cooked and served in the comfort of your own home or accommodation, with waitstaff as required. And we’ll leave your kitchen spotless!
With regards to our canapé (cocktail) menu, all canapés are made by us – not bought in, pre packaged or frozen. Most canapé items are made up in batches of 30+ portions and are one or two bite sized morsels. Making up very small batches isn’t possible. However, some of the canapés on this menu are also available on our ‘self-serve finger food menu’ which is suitable for self-catering, with some cooking or heating required for a few of the choices – this is a great way to try our canapés with a group of friends. If either of these tasting options suits you, please let us know and we’ll send menus through to you.

Do you cater to dietary requirements?

As best we can. If we know in advance, we’ll have it covered. Epicuriosity Catering is a mobile catering business. We only take what has been ordered to each event. With no onsite pantry, it’s not possible for us to whip up a dish at the last moment!

Why do we need an MC and who should we choose?

An MC (master of ceremonies) is vital for all weddings, whether it be a small, informal gathering or a large scale celebration. This is your and our go-to person on the day for all questions that may arise – both from within your guest group, and from our staff. We can’t emphasise strongly enough the importance of this role. This is the guy (or gal) who will shield all guests, especially the bride and groom, from any irksome little details that need attention on the big day. Between your MC and our supervisor, all things can be resolved, for example:

  • Hold ups due to traffic, photo shoot etc
  • Running out of beverages
  • Unexpected health issue
  • Inclement weather – plan B
  • General housekeeping queries – location of bathrooms etc

We recommend choosing a confident, succinct speaker with an excellent sense of humour, preferably someone who is not in the bridal party. Two MC’s can work well. Please ensure they have a copy of the runsheet. Our supervisor will introduce themselves.

Will we need a supervisor?

Depending on the scope of your event, a supervisor may be required. For large events, or those with specific requirements, the supervisor plays a critical role in ensuring the fine details and smooth coordination of your event are taken care of. Our supervisors are our most experienced waitstaff members and provide a point of contact between your event and our services. Their role includes any or all of the following responsibilities:

  • General knowledge of all event details – they are the onsite problem solving, go to person for all things bar and food-related 
  • Check off that suppliers have delivered as planned (hire gear, beverages etc) coordination of services between the kitchen, wait and barstaff.
  • Signing off of staff.
What is your travel charge?

In the immediate Dunsborough area there is no travel charge. Beyond this, our travel charge is $1/km.

What is the site setup charge?
This is a commercial kitchen equipment hire charge. it covers costs associated with supply, installation and cleaning of the kitchen equipment required to prepare and serve the menu of your choice. This includes items such a gas deep fryers, commercial ovens, BBQ’s, hot box etc. This is quoted once the venue has been visited and the menu is finalised. We are happy to use on site facilities where possible.
What are your terms and conditions?
Payment of the deposit secures your date. Deposit amount varies according to the event and guest numbers. Payment of the deposit is also acceptance on the clients behalf of our terms and conditions. These we have attempted to keep short and simple as follows:

Cancellation of your event after the deposit had been paid. Refund – nil

Cancellation of your event after the balance has been paid. Refund at our discretion.