Epicuriosity is a merging of loves, love of family and friends, love of great food and wine, and love of a good old laugh.

First things first – our family.  We’re blessed with two inspiring children who have shaped our lives enormously and been a big part of the concept of Epicuriosity.  A long history of board games and other competetive exploits wihtin our extended family also contributes greatly to Epicuriosity.

Epicuriosity - the dinner party with a twist
Epicuriosity - the dinner party with a twist
With over 35 years of hospitality experience each – that;s more than 70 years combined! – including operating our catering business in Dunsborough, Western Australia for the past 15 years, we’re well prepared to bring this unique and exciting new dining concept to you.

Epicuriosity was born in 2018.  It draws on our life experience as well as our professional skills.

Epicuriosity is for everyone who loves food, wine and laughter.  An evening of feasting, peppered with interactive and hilarious entertainment.

Epicuriosity is fully-hoasted and catered, a five course feast of discovery, laughter and competition.

A spacious dining area, a fully equiped kitchen, 8 or more people who love food, wine and laughter is all that’s needed for an unforgettable four hours of feasting and fun.


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