I really don't know much about food.... I'm worried I'll feel silly.

The activities are designed to be inclusive and great fun. Bring your sense of humour and you can’t go wrong!

We are a corporate group who don't know each other very well ...do you think Epicuriosity will work for us?

The activities are facilitated by our host who ensures conversation is easy and light with plenty of laughter. Epicuriosity is the perfect team building experience.

We have a group of 20, can we do Epicuriosity with that many?

There are a lot of moving parts to the Epicuriosity – Eat, Think. Laugh.  8-12 guests is ideal for this experience 

Our group is varied in ages, we have teenagers, retirees and everything in between. Would Epicuriosity work for us?

Mix the group up and see the fun unfold! Epicuriosity brings people together to eat, think and laugh – that works for everyone.

Can we organise an Epicuriosity experience during the day?

Yes, absolutely!

We don't drink alcohol, how will that affect our Epicuriosity experience?

Not at all! As long as we know, we simply tailor the experience to fit.

Do you cater for special dietary requirements

Yes we do. Also please let us know of any allergies.

Why are we not given a menu?

We’re very happy to discuss the menu and include favourite items. Some of the activities are part of some of the courses, adding another element of surprise to the evening. We’re sure you’ll love the meal, and if more info is required, we’re happy to discuss the menu with you.